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Storytelling_a process
Storytelling_a process

Images and text shared in social media to work through ideas in the creation of the collective workshop Destroying the Normal through Storytelling
Contar historias_un proceso, 2020
Imágenes y texto compartidos en redes sociales a modo the trabajar las ideas para crear el taller colectivo Destruir la noma(lidad) contando historia(s)

Translation of the text:

Faith does not know what it is, it ignores itself, to have it would be like to negate it. The only true impulse towards faith is to completely give oneself to someone who ignores you. To give oneself unceasingly to the point that the void of the other turns necessary to continue giving. (Alberto Magno about María. Quote found in Angélica Liddel's book 'Una costilla sobre la mesa').
i sleep
and rest my dreams
the stories of the world
sometimes the stories can't show everything that happened